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AII offers a complete line of O2 oxygen sensors for measuring oxygen concentration from PPB to percent levels in a gas mixture. AII's PPB oxygen sensor, Pico-Ion PPB oxygen sensor and oxygen purity sensor - % oxygen sensor, electrochemical oxygen purity sensor represent the only real innovations in the Micro Fuel Cell type oxygen sensor technology in decades. Applying this new technology to traditional O2 sensors produced a new generation of Trace PPM trace PPM and % percent oxygen sensors. Each sensor has been application optimized and literally taken to the next level in order to provide maximum performance, service life, compatibility with acid gases and reliability through the use of innovative engineering and materials, eliminating internal contamination and development of a tightly controlled proprietary manufacturing process.

Recently, other proprietary sensors and detectors for measuring other gases such as helium, hydrogen sulfide - H2S, carbon monoxide - CO, combustibles and carbon dioxide - CO2 have been added to the company's ever growing product line.

Made in the USAQuality is an essential element of customer satisfaction and is taken very seriously at Analytical Industries Inc. All products are manufactured under an independently certified Quality System that complies with ISO 9001:2008, MDD/93/42 EEC (European CE), ISO 13485:2003 (Health Canada) and FDA regulatory standards. To further ensure the confidence of our global customer base, analyzers designed for use in hazardous areas meet the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC ATEX and/or UL (pending) Directives.

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